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07 November 2009 @ 01:50 am
The Best Days Of Our Lives  

I don't know why I feel the need to share this. But I do.

When I first heard that Bill might have a daughter I was like, "no way. Some people are just stupid and like to make up rumors." Then one day my sister had just found a bandom reference community and had spent most of the night looking through it. The next day, she approached me and said that she thought that he really did. I was like, "Seriously?" Then she went on to tell me that her name was Genevieve (and not jsut anyone comes up with a name like that), and that Christine's church has published something about the birth of a daughter, and myabe some other stuff. But I remember looking it up for myself and reading pages and pages on different websites of why people believed she was real. And after a while, we decided that there was just too much information for her not to be real. I mean, who seriously drags out something that's just a rumor that much? No one. Then, listen to the lyrics on SANTI. Everyone of them says something about "hey, I'm going to be a father and I really don't want this." The break down, the break during Sleeping With Giants Tour, the clandestine baby clothes around the time of her birth, it all fit together. I believed she was real. I then started looking for clues everywhere to believe she was real. The best being "in bliss with gdb" of course. I started asking everyone "Do you believe in Genevieve?" Most of the time getting the answer
'no.' I fought with people, showed them evidence, everything I could. I made some people believe she was real, others just told me I was wrong so much that I quit talking to them.

I first found out that he had said something about her when I checked out his blog on September 20th. When he mentioned something about AP and telling about his family, I set off to find this article. I went first to TAI's livejournal community. It was there and before I even got halfway through the article, I started crying. I was so happy for him. Honestly, I never thought that he would tell about her. So when I got to the part where it started talking about his two year old daughter, I was so happy. I love that he finally felt comfortable enough to tell us fans about her. Honestly, I just wanted him to be happy, and with hiding her from us, I didn't feel that he could be. But now that he talks about her (though discreetly) I feel proud of him. I've gotten to the point where he could leave the band so he could always be with her and while I'd be heartbroken, I'd be happy that he was happy. I'm that fan. The one who just wants him to be happy.

I know that none of you needed to know this, but I really felt the need to post it, so get over it. It's my journal. I can do what I want.

But also, the question that hesmagicandmyth and I were discussing the other day: does the fact that he's been hiding her mean that she's never seen him perform? Like, I'm sure she's seen him around the house playing his guitar, but has she seen the wild entergetic William on stage?

Just a thought I needed to get out. Thanks.

missmoochhas on November 30th, 2009 11:41 pm (UTC)
i've always said that the lyrics of santi were about the beckett child.
Jinxed Things: ScarfBoyBillvyhesmagicandmyth on December 1st, 2009 01:57 am (UTC)
I wish I could just click that tag and find out how many people have ever tagged a LJ entry with "wikipedia nonsense baby."
luvveraluvvera on December 30th, 2009 02:12 am (UTC)
I first came across the possibility of a daughter through fanfiction, I believe in March, 2009. I read a fic were William had a baby girl called Genevieve. I assumed it wasn't true, just something made up by the author. Then, I read another, and another, and another fanfiction, and all of them seemed to have Genevieve in common. So, I assumed she was real.
In April 2009, I obsessed with William. I checked his twitter every five minutes, read and re-read every post on his blog and learnt by heart almost everything I could find about him. He was my ocd, basically.
By being a creep and stalking him via internet, I found out that Genevieve was only a rummor, and there was no proof about her existance.
At that stage, I had this huge-ass crush on William. I was blinded by my obsession about him, and all I wanted was to believe it wasn't true, because I truly, in some really weird way, loved him. I couldn't deal with the idea of him having a daughter. It hurt, it phisically hurt to even think about it, because I had this whole image about him that made me love him and have him as an idol, a role model. William having a daughter meant all my ideals of him being crushed.
The truth is, what teenager wants his celebrity crush to have a girlfriend and a baby? Genevieve, to me, was an obstacle between William and I. She made William oficially unreachable, and it was too much for me to bear.
Then, on september 21th, I got back from a road trip and singed into twitter and BANG there it was, the whole Genevieve story was out. It was true, she was real, and the 'love of my life' had a girlfriend and a daughter.
That was when I realized that William wasn't exactly who I thought he was. Yes, he made great music and was sweet and cute and downright sexy, but I knew nothing about him, and to him, I wasn't anything more than another fan.
I was sad first. I was in a depressive state for a few hours/days. Then I got mad, really mad at everyone. At him, at Christine, at Genevieve, at his friends, at everyone that had kept the secret for so long.
I realized, after I had reached the acceptance stage, that I was NO ONE to be mad at him. The truth is, I'm nothing more than a fan, and he's only a musician who has a whole life apart of his time on stage.
Now, I am happy for him and Christine. Yes, I still wish that one day he'll realize he loves me more than anything and he'll dump Christine for me and we'll live happily ever after but. I know that it's only a dream, and that it'll never be true. I don't loathe Christine like I used to. I don't like her either, but only because I always check her twitter and she seems a little obnoxious to me.
I'm happy for William, because he's happy. I am proud of him, because he is so young and has already achieved so much. I love him, but in a different way than I did before. Now I'm not obsessed with the image of something impossible. Now I love the wild, selfconfident man that goes onstage every day and leaves his soul there, just for his fans.

(I am so lame. this is probably the longest, most boring post you'll read, but I've wanted to talk about Genevieve for so long and now it's finally off my chest)
cardenlovah: Hot Messcardenlovah on December 31st, 2009 09:00 pm (UTC)
You are one of the people I wouldn't have gotten along with. :p During this time, I tried to convince everybody that she was real, and if they tried to tell me that she was a rumor, I'd get annoyed and ignore them. haha.

What physically hurt me, was the fact that it seemed Christine didn't reallt care about him, and she seemed to be holding him back. And the fact that he tries so hard to be the perfect person she wants him to be, but it seems like she's never happy with him. I still don't like her, I still feel like he deserves much, much more than her. But I can deal with it because he's so happy with Genevieve, and he wouldn't give her up for annything, and if that's the best he going to let himself have, I'm happy for him. He seems truly happy with his daughter, and that makes it slightly okay that he's not in love with Christine. (Which everyone can tell.)

And it's completely okay that you posted your long explanation on here, because this post was really just a post to get what I felt off my chest, and I'm glad it helped you to do that also. <3