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25 May 2010 @ 02:39 am
So, ages ago I said I have something epic to post when I got around to it...well, I finally got around to it just now. So, one night, hesmagicandmyth and I were randomly at Target, looking through the cds and a moment later she just says "Kelsey..." looking at a spot on the shelf. I looked up, and there was a glorious CD sitting there. It amazed me that there, out of 2,000 covers that could have been right there, in a Target in little Anderson, SC, there was a 30 Seconds To Mars cd with GABE SAPORTA on the front. After grabbing it and squealing a few times, I declared that I would never let it go. So we bought it. And now my life is very close to being complete (I still need to meet Gerard Way. *shrug*) I am still amazed that no on else knew how epic this was, and I just bought it for $10 when people buy it for a hundred.

Heres a pic of it that I took while still in the store.
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Edit: ahhh! Gabe was HUGE. Sorry, I've made it smaller now.