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14 November 2010 @ 01:24 am
This is so funny  
So, somehow hesmagicandmyth and I got to this wikipedia how-to page on "How to Be A Scene Kid"(Why does it emphasize so much on the hair?!?! Stupid.) Then, we clicked from that to "How to Pick A Good Scene Name For Myspace"(Alright, while I still have a myspace, who actually still uses it?) Here is the site if you want to do it too. It's pretty good entertainment.

Here were my results:

Safety Pin Kelsey

Kelsey Kaige
Kelsey December
Kelsey Glacier
Kelsey Autumn
Kelsey Jinx Journey
Kelsey Granite

Kelsey Kacophony
Kelsey Kadence
Kelsey Killjoy (make some noise!)
Kelsey Killer
Kelsey Karnival
Kelsey Karousel
Kelsey Kupcake
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