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27 November 2010 @ 06:48 am
Life is a Storybook (Just Not a Fairytale)  
I love people. I fall in love with people on a daily basis. Not necessarily the person though-this is where it gets confusing. I fall in love with the attitude of this person, a story of what happened to this person, what that person has gone through, how strong that person is, how creative this person is. About everyone I know, I can most likely tell you something intriguing to me about them. Something that catches my attention about them that every time I see them, I would love to tell them - hey, this really makes me think, or hey, I love that about you. And I know that that would probably make some people's day- Just to know that people notice them, but it would also be weird. And my personality makes me run from any possible awkward situation. So, just so you know, there's something I love about you. You intrigue me. Smile.
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